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Our First Product

What is KneeMo™

KneeMo™ is a wearable, non-invasive device designed to sense the motion patterns of the wearer, and apply vibration timed to movement to enhance knee pain relief and muscle function.

The basic theory of KneeMo™

KneeMo™ is covered by two patents: US 11,285,034 and US 11,576,807. For more information go to

New Products

In Development

SDI is anticipating new products using technology as previously used for KneeMo™:

  • Devices for other areas with musculoskeletal pain (e.g., back, shoulder, hip, elbow, etc.) using similar technology. 
  • Applications for health care providers for enhancing therapy sessions, remote monitoring and in session evaluations.
  • New devices for neurological conditions that cause movement disorders such as stroke, MS and Parkinson disease.