The pain. It’s what gets our attention. It’s uncomfortable, but without it we wouldn’t know exactly what needs ‘fixing’. When pain occurs in the knee, our mobility is affected and we can’t always do what we used to do. Why does my knee hurt when I walk ?

Some knee pain can be the result of injury or accident.  However, most knee pain while walking is the result of osteoarthritis.

What is OA and why does my knee hurt?

Osteoarthritis (also known as OA or degenerative arthritis) occurs naturally as we age. The healthy cartilage within our joints once performed like a flexible cushion, but as we get older it’s in the process of slowly breaking down. Eventually it starts to harden and bone spurs (or bony growths) form. Without the help of cartilage, the bones in our knee joints rub against each other, which can be excruciatingly painful. When OA starts to occur, all that nasty pain and swelling leads to more time on the couch, creating additional problems as our leg muscles become weaker due to lack of activity.

What can you do about knee pain when you walk?

Before considering your options, always consult your doctor and obtain a diagnosis.  There are numerous therapies available that are working to provide relief through the moderate stages of OA. These therapies include topical treatments, medical assistive devices that can block the pain, exercise, weight loss (if you’re overweight), non-inflammatory medicines, or injections and alternative medical strategies.

The type of treatment for knee OA will depend on your health, your age, your activity level and the progression of the disease. With a little help, you can improve your quality of life, delay the progression of OA and decrease the pain.

WebMD recommends people with OA walk to fight pain.  It is difficult if your pain level makes you unable to move. 

The KneeMo® was created to dramatically decrease knee pain while in motion.  It is drug-free, shock free, comfortable to wear and easy to use.  If you are ready to resume normal activities of daily living, move without pain, and achieve a more active lifestyle, then consider The KneeMo®. 


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